Big part of Germany's economic might.

Baden-Württemberg is located in the southwestern part of Germany and is the third largest of the 16 German federal states, in both area and population. As one of Germany (and Europe’s) wealthiest regions, this industrial and engineering powerhouse makes up a big part of Germany’s economic might.

One of the largest and most varied tourist areas in Germany, Baden-Württemberg shares international borders with Switzerland to the South (across the beautiful Lake Constance - the border is the middle of the lake), and France to the West.

Baden-Wurttemberg at a glance.

  • State capital is Stuttgart.

  • Population of 10.8 million 

  • 35,751 square kilometres


It is home to the picturesque Neckar valley wine region, the world famous “Black Forest” to the East and the roman spa towns of Baden-Baden and Wildbad.


Baden-Württemberg prides itself on its gastronomic delights including a pasta-based cuisine that famously includes Spätzle; a love of good local wine; to go alongside a quirky regional accent.

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