The nation’s capital and
largest, most happening city.

As the Nation’s capital and Germany’s largest, most happening city, Berlin’s lure is obvious. Its pace is electric, the nightlife is frenetic and the air crackles with creativity, belying its history as one of the oldest cities in Europe.

At more than nine times the size of Paris and with nearly 500,000 foreigners calling Berlin ‘home’, it is unquestionably Germany’s most cosmopolitan city and the country’s biggest tourist draw.

The financial district Potsdamer Platz, located in the centre of the city, and home to Optimus’ European HQ, is also home to the State Library, National Gallery and Philharmonic Concert Hall.

With more museums than rainy days - 180 museums in the city vs an average of around 106 rainy days each year, Berlin is also home to the world’s largest universal museum – Museumsinsel, as well as the world’s longest open-air gallery. The East Side Gallery is a 1.3Km section of the Berlin Wall, painted with 101 images by artists from 21 countries, making it the longest open-air gallery in the worldand vibrant night life.

Berlin at a glance.

  • Germany’s Capital city 

  • Most happening city 

  • Population of 3.5 million 


It’s not all heavyweight history and high culture; Berlin is also endlessly vibrant: there’s always something new, challenging and quirky going on and every year it seems to be a little more international and mesmerizing.


Berlin is one of the few cities in the world that can lay claim to having three separate Unesco World Heritage sites and boasts more bridges than Venice: a staggering 1,700 in total. Berlin also has more than 180 KMs of navigable waterways making a leisurely boat trip the perfect way to explore the city.


Many of the city’s key sites are within walking distance of the public transportation system and from Berlin’s main train station (Lehrter Bahnhof), passengers can travel directly to any location on the continent.

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