Germany's international
'Gateway to the World'.

Second only to Berlin in size and population, Hamburg has a well-earned reputation as Germany's Gateway to the World and home to one of the biggest ports in Europe.

Whilst the harbour is undoubtedly the heart of the city, Hamburg is also one of the most important media hubs in Germany, with almost half of the nation's newspapers and magazines headquartered there. Also, unknown even to some locals, is the fact that Hamburg is also home to one of the major Airbus aircraft assembly plants, making it a major hub of the world's aerospace industry.

Over the years Hamburg has become one of Germany’s most important industrial cities, with a growing number of processing and manufacturing industries there. 

Among Hamburg’s many other facets are a network of canals reminiscent of Amsterdam; lakes, parks, and verdant suburbs full of gracious houses; elegant shopping arcades; richly endowed museums; and a vibrant cultural life. These are among the attractions that have contributed to a growing tourist industry.

Hamburg at a glance.

  • World Aviation City

  • Germany's biggest port

  • Leading 'Gaming' hub

Centre of Digital Excellence

Content managers, data journalists, developers: traditional media skills are increasingly complemented by digital skills as requirements continue to evolve. Hamburg as a place of study and training responded to these requirements at an early stage and Hamburg’s established academic training centres prepare their students for the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation. 


Over the last 20 years, Hamburg has quickly grown to become of the country’s leading gaming hubs. The sector now consists of more than 150 companies, with many international industry leaders such as Bigpoint, Zynga and Naughty Dog operating out of Hamburg. Hamburg’s three major online game companies reach more than 760 million registered users worldwide.


Whilst the harbour is Hamburg’s “gateway to world”, with more than 15,000 ships from over 100 countries passing through it each year, the harbour and city are also well served by the German railway and road network, with the city boasting a very good system of buses and underground trains.

Coupled with the international airport of Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel, dating back to 1911 and one of the oldest in Europe, Hamburg’s infrastructure sets it apart from many German cities and makes it an increasingly popular tourist destination.

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